I’m very much attracted to the simplicity of this jacket. Maybe I’ve become a little old-fashioned but the outdoors manufacturing world seems to be obsessed with mountaineering/alpinism/climbing being sexy while plain old hillwalking is considered to be rather dull. 

I’m well aware that there are many hillwalkers who want to dress like they’re about to tackle the Dru but I tend to find the overlarge hoods, bum-freezing hems and over-articulated sleeves all just a bit OTT. Increasingly I want gear that is functional for what I do and the Mammut Juho comes very close to it.

This is a fairly lightweight jacket with a simple cut, and it’s both breathable and waterproof thanks to the 2.5 layer Gore-Tex fabric. The hood is generous without being overlarge, and it’s easy to adjust. The jacket is a tad longer than normal but not too long and the sleeves are not over-articulated. Indeed the only downside I can find is that the waist pockets are not hip-belt compatible, and that’s what’s stopped me giving this jacket five stars. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight jacket with a clean and uncluttered look but offering full weather protection then check out the Mammut Juho. If you want to look like Ueli Steck then look elsewhere.

First published: June 2013