Like many of the trousers tested the Siroccos are great on their own in autumn and spring but too warm for summer and not quite warm enough in winter. The stretch fabric is comfortable and fairly windproof. There are big reinforcement panels on the knees and inner ankles but not on the seat. There are only two pockets but these are quite roomy. 

The fit is one for people with longer legs than me. I need to turn them up about 8cms, which looks rather odd! The fairly long ankle zips and knee patches would make shortening them awkward. The trousers also have a very high waist – there’s no danger of a base layer pulling out. This adds material and warmth. I prefer a lower waist but some will like this design.

The price is on the low side for stretch trousers, making the Siroccos worth considering if the fit is okay.

First published: Sept 2013