A pair for cooler weather according to Chris Townsend

These smart leather shoes don’t have the running shoe/hiking boot look of most of those reviewed and look very conventional and understated in comparison. The sole unit doesn’t look so plain though and is similar to that found on most other outdoor shoes.

Being all leather, the uppers feel stiffer and more solid than on shoes with synthetic panels. There is a toe bumper and a reinforced heel. The midsole stabiliser rises up at the sides of the arch for extra support too. This TPU stabiliser is very solid and these are some of the stiffest shoes in the review, being hard to bend at the forefoot. Cushioning is okay but not as good as on some other shoes.

The Gore-Tex, as always, makes them better for cool weather wear. Combined with the leather uppers it makes them very warm shoes.

Lowa says the Renegades are ‘well-suited for easy going hikes and walks’. I’d say they are good for all hillwalking outside of snowy conditions. You may feel it’s a shame to get them peat-stained and scratched though! The weight and price are both high but these should last well.


Reviewed in August 2015 issue