The Pathfinder is light weight and packs down small. It’s not that warm though, which is unsurprising given the amount of down and its fairly low fill power. The side seams and the baffles on the base are stitched-through so cold can enter. Overall I’d say this was more a two-season than a three-season bag, as the temperature rating suggests. It’s quite close-fitting and whilst not restrictive that means I can’t turn over inside the bag. Instead, it moves with me so the stitch-through base can end up on top of me. Bags with this construction are only fine if you sleep on your back all the time or if they’re big enough to turn over inside them so that the warmer half stays on top. The shell fabrics are quite comfortable but the outer is also quite crackly, which is perhaps more likely to disturb others than the person in the bag.

First published: July 2013