Kathmandu started life in Melbourne, Australia, and now sell in New Zealand and the UK too. That possibly explains why the cut of their Nyos jacket is slightly more generous than the current fashion of ‘slim‰ЫФfitting’ garments we see from European manufacturers.

The Nyos Jacket comes in men’s and women’s sizes and is relatively lightweight at 335g. It’s made from a fabric called NGX, a layered fabric that bonds a water-repellent shell to a waterproof, breathable barrier with a half layer interior print. I found it to be reasonably breathable and the good DWR finish to the fabric certainly gave the impression that rain simply beaded on the surface and rolled off. Once that DWR wears off it’ll be interesting to see how waterproof the fabric is, but even after a dozen or so outings I’ve kept dry.

This isn’t the sort of jacket that will have the fashionistas of Chamonix and Zermatt gazing at you in envy but it is a functional, lightweight waterproof that comes at a reasonable price. I’ve seen it for sale on the internet at less than £90.

First published: June 2013