This is the least expensive tent tested but also one of the heaviest. It’s a rather unusual design, an asymmetric two-pole dome with the door along one side. As a design it could be okay but Karrimor has not made the best use of it. The
inner tent is tapered, with the widest end away from the door, while the deepest part of the porch isn’t just outside the inner door. I’d much rather have the most space in the inner by the door with the main part of the porch just outside as this would make living in the tent with a view and cooking in the porch much easier. Cooking needs great care anyway, as the angle of the door is such that there’s not much space between it and the ground. Overall I wouldn’t suggest cooking with the door closed. The XLite X1 pitches inner first, which can be done fairly quickly though it takes a little while to clip the poles in place. The flysheet then clips onto the corners of the inner. There are no guylines. The dome structure gives some stability but I’d add guylines for use in strong winds. The cost is good but there are much lighter tents with better designs that still cost under £200 and are worth the extra money.

First published: May 2013