Designed for hikers and runners on non-technical terrain these crampons are different to the others. Find out why they were a recommended buy in our review

The points are much shorter and there are no front points. This does mean that all 10 points are in contact with the snow or ice – wearing 10-point crampons with front points, only eight points at most are actually in contact with the snow. The shorter points are less likely to catch on stones or your trousers and are easier to walk in on thin coverings of ice, such as often covers paths. The KTS crampons are also very flexible, with a central bar that can almost be bent in half.

There are separate webbing bindings at the front and rear. These look fussy compared with cradle bindings but once the front one was adjusted to my boots I found them easy to fit. If you’re not planning on any technical mountaineering the KTS crampons are excellent. They are quite expensive though and don’t come with anti-ball plates. The latter can be bought as optional extras.