These boots have been around since 2018 and I’m glad to see Hanwag hasn’t messed with a product that works. They tick literally every box, supplying comfort and support on all types of terrain. Tipping the scales as the heaviest boots in this test, they still feel dextrous and light on my feet.

Security is excellent, with a smooth lacing run through fabric and metal eyelets, a properly recessed heel hook and two well-placed ankle hooks. Heel fit is secure, the midfoot is snug (wide feet/ high arches may feel compressed?) with a generous forefoot; I had masses of toe wriggle room. The tongue – fabric with suede patch against lace pressure – is sewn in to the base of the top hook, with thinner cushioning and a soft edge where it folds under the laces. This cushioned fabric continues in a diamond to the heel hook, and combined with a soft fabric segment between heel cradle and lower ankle hook allows sweet ankle articulation.

Forefoot flex is perfect for hiking comfort and there’s sufficient lateral stiffness to stand on a rock edge or via ferrata rung. The sole has chunky, wide-spaced lugs that bite equally into dry, muddy and wet ground, whilst the heel is the most aggressive in the test, giving me confidence on steep stuff. Toes are protected with a rubber bumper, there’s no rand (but I don’t expect one on this genre of boot) and the suede upper bonded to the TPU shank works a treat against rocks. Midsole cushioning is spot on – I was protected without being remote from the ground – and my feet felt supported when I was load-carrying (better with my footbed than theirs).

My only complaint is the laces could be longer. Still, the Hanwag Tatra Light Lady GTX is a belter of a boot and my clear Best Buy.

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