We know that Hanwag make excellent boots, well made and comfortable, so I was interested to try out the trail shoes, and the experience has been positive. These are one of the heaviest shoes tested here, partly because they only come with a Gore-Tex lining, and partly the design is pretty traditional – no low drop or ‘barefoot’ pretences here. The Drifter is a sturdy trail shoe for long walks. Because of the Gore-Tex lining, it’s noticeable how much warmer they are than those without, but it’s personal preference if this is a good thing or not. The outsole is Vibram Planet, which I found adequate on muddy paths. They offer more support around the ankles than most of the shoes here, another bonus, and although we can’t test it over time, they seem very durable. Note that the size comes out large. Overall, a good option if you want a membrane lining.

First published: June 2013