Chiara Bullen reviews the eco-friendly Grym Evo Jacket from Haglöfs — the perfect choice for those days when the weather is full of surprises.

As I stepped out the car at the foot of Ben Lomond, I looked at the blazing blue sky and wondered if I’d get a chance to test this three-layered waterproof jacket in the conditions it was made for. I lamented about the wasted opportunity as I KonMari folded the Grym Evo into my bag. At least I got to see the lightweight properties in action as it slid into my small front compartment with little trouble.

I was proven wrong less than an hour later, as is typical of the Scottish weather. Clouds swept in and the jacket was whipped promptly back out, the rising winds (which would reach 35mph) threatening to rip it from my hands. I was safely snug from the assault of the wind for the entire trek, and the ventilation zips under the arms were great at cooling things down on this warm summer’s day thanks to Haglöfs’ PROOF ECO technology (which uses recycled materials to ensure weatherproofing). On later walks I continued to find the breathability to be excellent.

Back on Ben Lomond, I found the adjustable cuffs easy to use and access, proving helpful as we stopped for a freezing lunch at the summit. I particularly liked the sturdy face-protector and large, 3-way adjustable hood that’s designed to accommodate hats and helmets (or, in my case, a high-ponytail).

I opted for the bright desert yellow colour — a colour only in the men’s collection for this particular series. As a 5”9 woman I often prefer men’s jackets over the women’s alternative — this way I’m sure to get one long enough. Although I didn’t try the women’s jacket in this series, a men’s size Small proved to be the perfect size for me, leaving plenty of room for much-needed layers.

My only criticism is that the pockets (snap buttons) were a little too small (which made me laugh, considering women’s clothing usually has this problem…!) and I was unable to comfortably fold my printed map in its waterproof casing inside. The chest pocket (with a zipper) is also too small to be convenient for me.  I could fit a cereal bar or my compass in it, but both felt too snug for my liking.

This jacket is made from 100% recycled materials which I’m a huge fan of — more outdoors brands need to be taking this sustainable approach as we all feel the effects of global warming.