Gear editor Chris Townsend explains why he picked the Fjallraven Keb Eco-Shell as a Recommended Buy when he tested the latest crop of waterproof jackets

The Keb Eco-shell is a superb jacket that has quickly become a favourite. If it wasn’t so expensive it might well have been my Best Buy out of the waterproof jackets tested (2016). It’s made from a soft fabric that is comfortable and hardly rustles at all.

The design is excellent with two roomy chest pockets that easily hold maps and a hood with a wired peak that gives good protection and moves with the head.

There’s an extended back that covers my backside, wide cuffs that allow good ventilation, and side zips that are easy to use.

To add to all this the Keb Eco-Shell is environmentally friendly as well, as the name suggests. The whole garment is made from polyester so it can be recycled when worn out.

The outer fabric is recycled polyester and has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment that doesn’t use fluorocarbons. I’ve used the Keb Eco-Shell in very heavy rain and strong winds and with a heavy pack and it’s kept me dry with only a little condensation inside.

So far there’s no sign of wear on the soft fabric and the non-PFC DWR works fine. Only much more use will tell how durable it really is.

Reviewed May 2016