David Lintern recommended the Extremities Sticky Power Liner in his review of the best year-round gloves. Here’s how they performed on the hill

Extremities will be known to many readers, as the glove manufacturer enjoys wide distribution in physical shops. This, alongside a very wide range of available sizes means they are a popular choice. The main component in the Extremities Sticky Power Liner is a medium weight fleece inner with a smooth faced outer, equipped with fine siliconised ‘threading’ on the palm and 3 of the fingers. These low-profile grips have proved durable so far and I find them less intrusive than dots.

The Extremities Sticky Power Liner provides a decent level of weather protection, sitting slap bang in the middle of the range on test. It’s too thick to wear as a (true) liner under a winter gauntlet, and too thin for really burly weather on its own, but it covers the broad middle range of conditions very well. I do find it a little slower to dry once soaked, but it takes a good while to get to that point. The fit is great – loose on the hand but more slimline on the fingers, and not too long. Alongside the finger design (4 seams!), this makes for a dexterous, practical glove that you shouldn’t need to remove in order to fiddle with zips or snacks. Even the touch screen fingers work well! The cuff is medium length but covers the wrist completely, and while there’s no wrist loop they do clip together at the base of the palm.

There’s nothing too groundbreaking in the Extremities Sticky Power Liner, but that isn’t a criticism. It’s a well fitted, single layer 3-season glove that simply works.