Daniel Neilson tests out a diverse range of baselayers. On test Dhu Men’s Base Layer

This is the most wonderfully comfortable baselayer I’ve ever tried on. It’s a blend of cashmere (which is what Dhu specialise in), silk and very fine wool. There are other advantages to cashmere as well. It’s very lightweight at 175g and odour resistant like merino. It also moves moisture particularly well. I’ve used this out running under a light waterproof and combined it worked really well and I didn’t feel cold at all. It was certainly warmer than many baselayers tested here thanks to the fine knit that traps air, and this should be considered for the cooler months, but without an outer layer you can really feel a breeze – great for regulation. The seams aren’t flat-locked, but it such a minor protrudence it’s not noticeable. The big elephant is of course, the price. It’s a luxury item, no doubt, but an astonishing product and designed and made in Scotland. Care is needed with this cashmere blend – it needs to be hand washed or dry cleaned.