A ‘Best Buy’ baselayer, according to Chris Townsend

This top by Brynje is completely different to the others reviewed. It’s not warm in itself, being basically an old fashioned string vest. It’s made from merino wool not cotton though with some polyester added for extra durability.good baselayer

Whilst most baselayers can be worn as standalone garments the Thermo T-Shirt really is underwear. Worn under another wicking layer it adds a surprising amount of warmth as heat is trapped in the myriad holes.

I’ve found it comfortable under both merino wool and synthetic base layers. Moisture passes through it very quickly so it stays pretty dry next to the skin. And if it does get damp it dries extremely fast as there’s not much actual material to absorb moisture.

Being mostly merino wool it doesn’t smell after many days wear. The Thermo T-Shirt is quite long with an extended back and stays firmly tucked into trousers.

The latest version has solid fabric over the shoulders to protect against wear from a pack plus offset shoulder seams. If you want to boost the warmth and efficiency of your clothing with an ultralight garment the Thermo T-shirt is an excellent choice.

Reviewed December 2015