Are socks the most underrated piece of outdoor gear? Chris Townsend assess the best for hillwalking. On test Bridgedale Trekker/Trekker CuPED socks

Bridgedale Trekker and Trekker CuPED socks are identical except that the latter has anti-bacterial copper ions added to reduce odours. The wool used is described by Bridgedale as ‘not as fine as merino’ and the socks certainly don’t feel quite as soft as merino ones, though some of this is probably down to the high synthetic content. In use I didn’t notice this however. The socks are cushioned except for the front of the legs and the cushioning is thicker on the sole. There are stretch panels at the ankle and instep, a rib knit leg and a elasticated cuff. Comfort and warmth are good and I think these socks should cope with all but the coldest winter weather. I couldn’t tell the difference in smell or foot comfort between the CuPED and non-CuPED versions after day walks. Maybe after wearing them for a week it would be noticeable. As it is after a day out neither pongs much. There’s nothing really wrong with these socks but at this price I’d rather a higher wool content and I’d rather it was merino wool too.

Reviewed in January 2015 Issue