A comfy, water repellent jacket 

The Dawn Patrol is made from a very unusual material. It looks and feels like other woven soft-shell fabrics but it has a treatment that makes it astonishingly water repellent. Rain just beads up and runs off. This is because the treatment, called Nanosphere, makes the surface too rough for water droplets to adhere.

The Dawn Patrol isn’t claimed to be waterproof but so far rain has failed to penetrate it. The treatment is permanent too, unlike the DWR on most shell garments. Dirt, including oil, doesn’t stick either and can be easily rinsed off.

Oddly, though, the Dawn Patrol isn’t very wind resistant, which is a drawback for UK use as rain is often accompanied by wind here. A shell garment will still be needed a fair amount of the time. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable. It’s not that warm for the weight though, being quite thin. The hood is quite protective with a good peak. The pockets are fairly roomy, though the lower ones are cut off by a rucksack hipbelt.

There’s a soft fleecy lining to the collar and a smooth lining in the hood. I love the water resistance of this jacket. I just wish it was windproof as well. The price is very high, as is the weight.


Reviewed in November 2015 issue