Chris Townsend names the trail shoes as his Best Buy after he tested 14 different pairs

I’ve been using these shoes for over a year and a half now, including on several backpacking trips, and I really like them. They fit me well worn with light socks
and I find them very comfortable. I love the light weight too. The thin mesh uppers breathe really well – they are just about see-through in the front half of the shoe – and are cool in hot weather. They dry fast too, though this can’t be said for the soft foam insole.

The tongue and ankle are padded for comfort. The tongue is only attached at the base. To keep it in place the laces run through loops in the centre of the tongue as well as through the side loops and eyelets. The shoes flex easily across the forefoot but are fairly stiff side to side. The toe and heel are both quite firm. The sole has a deep tread that grips well on all terrain. Cushioning is fine, especially under the heel.

Reviewed in April 2014 issue