Kirk Watson looks at Berghaus’s contribution to year-round waterproofs

Fit: This jacket fits great – it has a slight tail to it which keeps your bum warm and dry. It is well designed and comfortable.

Material: This jacket is using Berghaus’s new material Hydroshell™ Air which feels lovely and light when you have it on and not as stiff as Gore-Tex sometimes can. It worked well in the rain. It did feel more sweaty than the Gore-Tex Pro though. I carried both Berghaus jackets on Skye in the rain and swapped from one to the other several times to compare.

Hood: The hood is good and you can close yourself right in. I sometimes prefer it a little more open though, to breathe more easily and prevent goggles steaming up. The hood crinkled up a lot and just didn’t quite sit perfectly.

Pockets: Two good side pockets.
One chest pocket is good for map and compass but required two hands to close due to the bottom of the zip riding up when you pulled it. A bit of a faff in winter.

Venting: Side pockets are netting lined so work as vents well.

Price: A reasonably priced jacket.

Conclusion: A superb-fitting jacket and seems to stand up to the weather well. Its a little more sweaty than Gore-Tex, but with a few extra tweaks it could be great.

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Reviewed in October 2015 issue