Chris Townsend gives his verdict on Bergan’s Storen jacket – after testing it against the 2016 crop of waterproof jackets

Made from a soft, comfortable fabric that is quite breathable, this short jacket has an extended back to protect your backside. Bergans say the short front “prevents interference with hip fl exor movements”.

I reckon a jacket would have to be fairly tight to do that and I’ve never had such problems. The Storen has a good hood with a stiff peak for protection and that moves with the head.

The front drawcords aren’t tethered though and can lash you in the face in strong winds. The lower handwarmer pockets are high enough to be accessible when wearing a pack hipbelt.

They’re not very big and neither are the two chest pockets. Indeed the one with the horizontal zip (which, oddly, has pullers at both ends even though it’s quite short) is so small I can’t get my hand in it.

The other chest pocket is a little bigger but nowhere near large enough for a map. The underarm zips are easy to use and the wide cuffs are good for ventilation too. The Storen is pleasant to wear and not a bad choice if you like short jackets.

Reviewed May 2016