It’s not the lightest bag tested [July 2013 comparative test] nor the warmest but for value for money the SkyeHigh 600 is way ahead of anything else. The fill isn’t the highest fill power down, hence the need for more of it to achieve the warmth, but it’s still soft and comfortable and should last a long time. The design is pretty standard. The bag does have side baffles between the upper and lower sections, which allows the bag to shape itself to your body without the down getting compressed. The zip runs along the lower edge of a side baffle before curving up to the hood, which also stops the down being compressed (as long as you keep it in position – I sometimes turn over with the bag and end up with the base on top of me). The shell fabrics are soft and comfortable. The hood fits well. The bag is roomy inside so you can turn easily in it and wear extra clothes if necessary. Three lengths are available, something unusual even in the most expensive bags. 

I haven’t slept in the bag at -5ºC but at +5 I’ve been warm with the hood open and the zip partly undone. I have no doubt it would keep me warm on frosty nights.

The weight is still quite reasonable, as is the packed bulk. At this price the SkyeHigh 600 competes with synthetic bags. I say competes, it doesn’t really. It’s much better than any synthetic bag I’ve ever used. If weight isn’t critical this is a good choice.

First published: July 2013