Why did this tarp win TGO’s best buy?

Of the flat tarps tested this is by far the best because it’s big enough to provide enough space when pitched in a storm-resistant configuration and has masses of reinforced guyline attachment points – eight on the body of the tarp and 16 round the edges.

It can be pitched as a ridge, a wedge, a pyramid, a lean-to and with the edges down to the ground or raised high for ventilation and airiness. As a solo tarp, it’s roomy and there is ample space for two under it. The main seam is taped so there’s no need to spend time sealing it. The Rig 7 is lightweight too and compact when packed, though it is hard to squeeze it back into the provided stuffsack.

The price is low. If you want to try a tarp this is the one to go for. And if you’re already a fan of tarps this is the best flat one I’ve come across.

This won the ‘Best Buy’ for a flat tarp.

First published: June 2013