The Ordos 2 is very light for a two-person tent – and it really is big enough for two full-size mats to fit side by side. There’s not much storager space though as the porch is quite small. Some gear has to come inside so it’s not a good choice for two tall people.

The design isn’t new and there are several other models with this hybrid design of a long curving ridge pole and a front hoop. In terms of stability it’s a proven shape, resisting winds well. The down-to-the-ground flysheet keeps out all rain too. There is a protected vent over the porch but the flysheet ventilation is otherwise limited. The inner has large mesh panels that help with air circulation but when the flysheet door has to be kept closed then condensation can be copious.

The flysheet and groundsheet have hydrostatic heads of 1200mm, which is on the low side. I don’t think this matters for the flysheet as the walls are steep and water isn’t going to pool on it. However, the groundsheet does come under pressure and moisture could be forced through. I haven’t had a problem but in time it could occur. Using a footprint would be wise when camping on wet ground. Pitching is inner first and can be done quite quickly, as it needs to be in wet weather. The pole is a hub design that fits together easily.

The price of this tent is low and it performs pretty well. I just wish the porch was bigger and the groundsheet more waterproof, even though these would add weight.