It was the lightest in test, but how did Alpkit’s headtorch stand up in Chris Townsend’s review?

The lightest headtorch tested, Alpkit’s new Muon is unusual in that it only uses one AA battery. It has three LEDs though and is surprisingly powerful. Pressing the top button and opening the battery compartment is easy with gloves on. The two side LEDs give a flood beam, the central LED a spot beam. When you press the button the Muon comes on in the last mode you used.

To change modes press and hold the button. With the spot beam three button presses cycle through the brightness levels in a rather odd medium, high, low order. With the flood beam there are just two brightness levels, with the highest coming on first. Both beams also have fl ash options. On the rear of the headband there’s a little Blip light that when pressed starts a red light flashing.

The Muon is comfortable to wear. The lamp pivots through about 45°. Battery life isn’t as good as with some more expensive headtorches but most of them also weigh considerably more. Alpkit don’t give a distance figure. I find it about the same as the Petzl Tikka XP. The low cost makes the Muon great value for money while the low weight and size means it makes a great back-up to a more powerful headtorch.