Sports manufacturer adidas have been trying for years to break into the outdoors market and I think they might just achieve it with the Terrex Active Shell, although it is rather expensive for a summer garment.

As the name suggests the jacket is made from the excellent Gore-Tex Active Shell fabric and in the two or three months that I’ve been using it I’ve stayed dry and largely condensation-free. On occasion there has been a slight dampness inside, especially on the back below where my pack sits, but it’s nothing to get concerned about.

On the plus side this is a very well designed garment, boasting adidas’ own Formation styling. The website describes Formation as “garments using pre-shaped 3D silhouettes that allow great freedom of movement while you exercise”. OK, I think that means extra care has been taken with the cut of the garment, and it certainly feels well tailored.

I particularly like the way the jacket’s elasticated hem sits comfortably on my hips and while that feature might work well for me I’m aware that someone with narrower hips might not enjoy the same fit. The articulated sleeves and large hood (for wearing with a helmet) suggest the jacket is designed predominantly for climbers but I’d certainly recommend it for hillwalkers too.

First published: June 2013