Low price? Check. Motion sensor? Check. Why else did Chris Townsend choose this headtorch as a ‘Recommended Buy’?

The AP Pro is a chunky headtorch that’s on the heavy side but low in price, making it great value for money.

It has two useful and unusual features. The first is a focus control lens operated by a dial on the outside of the lens. Turn the dial with the lever and the beam changes from flood to spot. This is a stepless process so you can choose the width of beam you want. That said, at full flood the beam isn’t as wide as with some other headtorches.

The other feature is an infrared motion sensor. This is operated by one of the two buttons on the headtorch. When pressed you can switch the lamp on and off just by waving your hand slowly in front of the lens. The AP Pro requires a minimum of button presses, which is good. No sequence to forget here. One press of the on/off button switches the light on at full brightness. To dim the light keep pressing the button. A second press switches on the red LEDs. A third presses causes them to flash. The buttons are rather small however and not as easy to use with gloves on as those on the other headtorches tested.

The AP Pro is comfortable to wear. It pivots through a full 90°.