As over-trousers go these aren’t lightweight and the fabric doesn’t strike me as the most robust. But, if you’re on a budget, their price makes them worth considering. Style-wise, their tracksuit bottom-like appearance won’t win any prizes but they incorporate one or two nice features. Though unisex, there’s a zip fl y topped by an extremely strong Velcro-style closure. A calf-high zip down either side enables you to pull them on over boots without too much hassle, though there’s no ankle adjustment. That won’t trouble everyone. There’s no choice of leg-length, and these are just a tad too long for me, making them prone to tears or fraying if I’ll step on the excess or drag it through vegetation. The main disadvantage of these polyester trousers is that they run hot: you’re as likely to be soaked by sweat as rain if you have to wear them for prolonged periods.