I’ve been impressed with Polartec Neoshell since I first tried it a couple of years ago. However, whilst fine for winter trips (I wore it on a February hike of the Southern Upland Way), that Rab Stretch Neo jacket was a little heavy for long distance backpacking the rest of the year. I’m delighted, then, that for this year Rab have introduced a new, lighter weight Neoshell waterproof jacket. The Myriad has all the necessary features and no superfluous ones. The hood gives excellent protection and doesn’t impede visibility when you look to the side. Designed to fit over a helmet it is very roomy but can be easily adjusted to fit over a bare head. The pockets are also roomy and easily hold maps. They’re placed high enough on the chest not to be impeded by a rucksack hipbelt. The sleeves are long and can be pulled over the hands in place of gloves. The cuffs are wide enough to allow some ventilation to the arms too. The jacket is on the short side but it does have an extended back that is long enough to protect my backside.

The Myriad isn’t the lightest jacket tested but I think it should prove a good balance between weight and durability. I like it enough to be taking it on my two-month Scottish Watershed walk, when a top quality waterproof may well be needed often.