The Microlight Alpine is typically great Rab kit – light, low bulk and warm for its weight – and my niggles concern only the minutiae. First-off, I found it curious that a cold weather garment lacks a hem drawcord. Ensconced in that butter fridge, I could feel the fan-assisted chill breezing up my back. Secondly the chest pocket – also a stuff pocket – is a tad on the small size for cramming mitts and hats into. The insulated hood is light and unobtrusive when not in use – the wired peak is a neat touch – but its adjustment cords are held in place by small pieces of a neoprene-like material. They’re effective, much easier to use than buttoned toggles – especially with gloved fingers – but they seem delicate and I can picture them lasting all of a few days before disintegrating or dropping off. The gaping insulated hand pockets easily accommodate gloved hands.