The Quitos’ winter cousin, these feature a 100g layer of synthetic insulation between the waterproof Analogy outer and inner lining. They share the Quitos’ full-length side zip, for ease of use with crampons and clumpy boots while standing up, but not the poppers. Why they’re cheaper I’m not sure; if they appeal, take advantage!

These are comfortable, breathable trousers suitable for all-day wear; they could be pulled on as over-trousers but, to me, that compromises performance and reduces comfort. The main disadvantage for me is the waist fastening, an integral belt secured to the front panel by two Velcro tabs. Its buckle sits against your body (or baselayer) rather than outside the fabric, and is rather uncomfortable. It’s the same on the Quito pants and comes about because of the need to link the belt across disconnected fabric panels. These score highly because of performance and comfort but, to my mind, the belt issue needs a rethink.