The Fuera Ascent is made from a tough fabric that is thick enough for winter use. The hood is excellent. It has a wired peak and comes round the side of the face to give great protection in blizzards. At the same time it still moves with the head. The pockets are good too – easy to access, well above a hipbelt and big enough for maps. I also like the wide cuff s which give good ventilation and allow the sleeves to be easily pulled up. The jacket is quite long for a windproof. The Fuera Ascent is relatively heavy though, partly due to the very long underarm zips. These are unnecessary on a windproof in my opinion, but one reason the Ascent has them is so it can be used with the Páramo Summit Hoodie Fleece, which has matching zips. The combination functions just like a Páramo waterproof and will cope with any weather. However it is warmer than a Páramo waterproof – I can only wear it in sub-zero temperatures without overheating. If you want this combination then the Ascent is a good choice. If you just want the other features then the Fuera Smock (see page 65) is a much better one.