These trail running gaiters were designed by an adventure running team to keep off the worst of the wet, while being comfortable and unobtrusive when running or wearing trail shoes. And they succeed. As someone with an almost irrational aversion to gaiters I found them perfectly wearable in cold and wet weather, and barely noticed them after a few minutes, despite wearing a medium which were too small for my great flapping feet. The construction is pretty simple using a very stretchy Nylon and Lycra blend. They tie around the bottom of the shoe and two hooks grip the laces. The back sits as low as it can with grippy plastic helping it to maintain position. There’s a draw cord around the top hem (but with the medium I didn’t need it – in fact I’d try them on or go bigger if your calves are, erm, muscly!). They only sit a few cm up, but it’s enough to stop most drenching boggy puddles pouring in over the top – essential if your shoes have a membrane (once the water is in, it’s in until you get home).
Light, unobtrusive and breathable. What else do you need from a pair of trail gaiters?

Daniel Neilson