The Forays are light and pack down small though their price tag is a little off -putting. Over the years I’ve found larger waterproof over-trousers are sometimes difficult to keep hitched up – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to stop, loosen my pack belt and yank them up – so the provision of attachment points for braces is interesting (though not being the kind of chap that wears braces…).

The thigh-high zips make for easy pulling-on over boots. The zip can be poppered shut at the ankle, which is elasticated to prevent fabric flap and gape. The side zips do allow for some venting though you’re likely to get water ingress in the bad weather the pants are designed for, as the zips only start at the thigh. The rear mesh pocket is the only other venting option and I did find these pants a tad warmer than some others. That said, the fit was good and articulation at the knees was comfortable.