This is the only solo tent in the review, though several of the others are light enough for solo use. It’s a lightweight rectangular single-skin tent with a mesh door to a floored section and a large porch. The seams are taped and it comes with pegs so the only addition needed is a trekking pole. Pitching is easy and fast. The tent tapers steeply to each end and there is little space above the head and feet when lying down, which makes contact with the walls more likely. However there are attachment loops for guylines partway up each end. I added guys here, which pulled out the fabric, giving more space inside. Looping the guyline round a trekking pole at the end where my head would be added even more space. I would certainly advise anyone with this tent to add these guylines.

 There is ample room for one inside with good headroom in the centre plus space for cooking and gear storage in the porch. Ventilation is provided by a small covered vent at the apex and a large one at the rear of the tent. These are efficient and I’ve had less condensation in this tent than in most other singleskin shelters. The penalty for this is drafts through the big rear vent when the wind is strong. If the wind is cold you will be too, so this is not a tent for winter, especially as snow could blow through the mesh.

The tent does shake in strong winds but I’ve not been concerned about it collapsing. For three-season use it’s a fi ne choice and a good if you want a self contained unit with no need to seal seams, select inners or groundsheets or choose pegs.