The Nemo Dagger OSMO is the latest version of one of the most sought-after backpacking tents from U.S. brand, Nemo, and they’ve pulled out all the stops with this 2022 update, adding new design features and introducing an impressive new fabric.

It’s a two-person tent that will suit backpackers who want a lightweight, portable shelter that offers ample space and comfort, while also delivering excellent durability and protection. 


The design of the tent provides plenty of room for two people to stretch out, sit up, and organize their gear. That’s thanks to the large porches on each side and its single hubbed pole structure, which forks at each end to create a high ceiling and steep-sided walls.

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Setting up the Nemo Dagger OSMO is very simple. You can pitch the inner first by plugging the ends of the main tent pole into each grommet, and doing the same for the top crossing pole. Then, hang up the mesh using the series of little hooks and clips. The corners of the flysheet can then be clipped onto the corners of the inner, with color-coding making this task even easier. Finally, peg out the porches and other stake points to complete the setup.


This is one of the first tents to feature Nemo’s new OSMO fabric, which is a PFC-free and 100% recycled yarn that combines polyester and nylon. According to the brand, it took more than 100 different prototypes to get this fabric just right. The finished product delivers 4x more water repellency than standard tent fabrics, and 3x less stretch, which means it maintains its structure even when wet, without sagging. This material feels durable despite being lightweight, and I haven’t noticed any sagging issues even when the weather is wet.

In addition, the tent comes with a dye-free pole bag made from a fabric produced using 1.6 plastic bottles, adding to its eco-friendliness.

Nemo has added some great features to the Dagger OSMO that make it even more versatile and practical. The tent has two internal pockets, one on either side, which diffuse the light of a head torch stowed inside to create a warm and welcoming glow. There’s also a removable “Landing Zone” that keeps your porch kit from coming into contact with the ground when it’s wet, as well as handy little one-handed tabs that hold the doors open when they’re rolled back. 

Nemo Dagger OSMO 2P verdict

Protective, durable, well-ventilated, easy to pitch and well-made; there’s a lot to like about the Nemo Dagger OSMO. Overall, it’s a good albeit slightly expensive option for anyone looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and durable two-person backpacking tent that can stand up to the rigours of life on the trail.

This is a tent that I’ve loved using, mainly due to its liveability. With its generous floor space, steep-sided walls, high ceiling and large porches on either side it provides loads of space for two people to sleep, cook and faff around with their kit alongside each other comfortably.

The base of the flysheet is quite high off the ground to create ventilation. This leaves the inner tent looking fairly exposed, but the waterproof fabric along its base blocks out any moisture that sneaks under the fly. You need to open up the top end of the door zips if you want ventilation at the roof of the tent. That’s a bit of a downside as it limits the size of the doors, making them harder to climb out of whilst the vents are open. I’ve found the pole structure makes this reassuringly sturdy in strong winds.The number of guy lines and pegging points help here. There are also loops to fix extra guy lines if you want a bit of extra sturdiness.

Finally, Nemo deserves credit for the steps it’s taken to lower this tent’s impact on the environment. It’s PFC-free, uses 100% recycled yarns, and contains a pole bag that was specifically developed to cut down on unnecessary materials and waste.

Price: $480 | £510
Weight: 3 lb , 6 oz | 1.52 kg
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