Coast may not be familiar to everyone, but this US brand started making knives and multitools and have recently expanded into LED flashlights. This model combines both. The first impression is of a very sturdy tool. It’s satisfyingly stiff (don’t expect to open it with one hand) and opens to sprung pliers – the best here. The grip, thoughtfully curved, is also the most comfortable tested here. The scissors are longer and stronger than those on the Gerber tool and the one knife is wide and strong, with a partly serrated edge. The only other tools are screwdrivers and a can/bottle opener – nothing superfluous. And it also comes with a light! You wouldn’t want to navigate with it, but for using the tool or in an emergency, it’s a great addition. The smaller version is also excellent (£20). Both come with a carry case.

First published: Aug 2013