The MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe impressed reviewer Judy Armstrong with its efficiency and build quality. Here’s why she branded it ‘recommended’ in our full test of the best camping stoves.

I have long been a fan of MSR camping stoves, for their versatility and performance, and this is no exception. The MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe is lightweight and compact, has a very fast boil time yet is efficient and easy to control with a lower flame.

The built-in Piezo is positive, firing with a single click, and close to the canister so distant from the flame. The broad burner is quite deeply recessed so is sheltered from wind – I was surprised at how effective it was in gusty conditions. While the stack height is considerable, the serrated pan supports have a large diameter to keep a pan steady. Simmer control valve is perfect: the loop is long enough to adjust a flame with a pot in place, and wide for use with gloves. The pressure regulator works extremely well, even with low gas levels and in cold conditions. This is a tiny component inside the stove’s valve which controls how much fuel pressure is fed to the stove. Regardless of what’s happening externally that might be affecting the canister’s pressure the regulator ensures the stove is getting the correct pressure it needs to operate optimally (read technology blog).

The MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe is neat to carry, with the supports and control valve pivoting in to the central pillar, to slot into a tough little bag just 5cm x 8.5cm. Normally I steer away from ‘tower’ stoves and especially when the pan is as high off the floor as this. And yes, there are smaller and lighter burner heads available. But here the combination of price, weight, performance and MSR attention to detail on every aspect of the design and function makes this a top choice.