Our Gear Editor looks at this roomy bivy bag

The AC Bivy is roomy, easily taking a winter sleeping bag with room for some gear as well. A full length mat can be slid inside without problem. There’s a big hood with an entry zip across its mouth.

A wide flap covers the zip and there’s a big mesh panel inside that allows ventilation while keeping out bugs when the zip is closed. The zip flap can’t be fastened down however, and rain could get in under it and through the mesh. As the base isn’t breathable this isn’t a bag to turn upside down so it wouldn’t be quite as good in heavy rain as most of the bags tested.

Breathability is pretty good – zipped in I felt less clammy than in some bags, though the netting probably helped with this. I really like the mesh panel – ventilation without midges is a good idea!

However the AC Bivy is on the heavy side and is very expensive for a basic bag made from unbranded material. I’d like to see a more rain and snow proof closure too.