The Croz is a warm jacket made from three different types of fleece

The main body, hood and lower sleeves are made from a stretch fleece with a smooth outer and fluffy inner. Under the arms and down the sides there are panels of Power Dry fleece with a raised grid for maximum breathability.

Across the shoulders and upper arms there is ceramic reinforced fleece for abrasion resistance, designed in part I guess to resist wear from ropes as Mountain Equipment says the Croz is designed for climbing and mountaineering. It should also stand up to rubbing from rucksack straps if the jacket is worn as an outer garment, though this isn’t likely much of the time as it’s not at all wind resistant.

As a mid layer it’s best suited to colder weather.I found it too hot in summer while walking. Being stretchy it fits closely and is comfortable worn under a shell. The hood fits fairly snugly but isn’t adjustable. Wind can blow it off but if it’s that windy you’ll want something over it anyway. The lower pockets can be used when wearing a rucksack hipbelt though the bottom of them is cut off. The chest pocket is fine for compass and phone.

The Croz is a comfortable jacket and a good choice if you like a fleece with pockets and a hood. These do mean extra weight though. I don’t think the reinforced panels are needed for walking either.

Reviewed in November 2015 issue