Low cut, lightweight and very flexible, these boots are quite soft and comfortable. The fit on me is snug around the ankle and a little tight across the toes. Cushioning and grip are both good. The low-cut means water and snow can get in the top more easily than in higher boots unless gaiters are worn. At the same time it means there’s no restriction on ankle movement. There’s a shank in the arch that gives the boots reasonable lateral stiffness, which makes them good for traversing rough, steep slopes without twisting underfoot, and the toe and heel are quite solid. Whilst there is a membrane so they are waterproof and reasonably warm in snow, the large sections of fairly open weave mesh on the uppers should make them more breathable and cooler than most membrane-lined boots in the heat. I’d wear them for long walks from autumn to spring as long as there wasn’t much snow – if they fitted me better that is.