When a cold wind doth blow it’s a bit of a niggle to have to pull your hands out of your pockets simply to tighten a hem drawcord. Marmot’s well-designed Zeus jacket gets around that by placing the one-hand-operated pull cords within the insulated pockets. Those zipped pockets also gape open, so you can easily thrust your gloved hands inside. Capacious internal pockets are big enough to hold mitts and the like when not worn, though an accessory pocket that could be reached without opening the jacket would be welcome. The pleated and elasticated cuffs are a tad tight for rolling up, while the collar, though deep and protective, is wide and I found draughts slipped in. Such issues of fit will, of course, vary between users. The wind baffle behind the front zip is a little flimsy and can flex out of place. The Zeus is a bit heavier and bulkier than some but is warm and protective.