Unusually these gloves have two inner compartments, one with insulation all round the hand for maximum warmth and one with the insulation only on the back of the hand and just the shell on the front for better dexterity. I have to admit I can’t really tell the difference either for warmth (I haven’t worn them in really cold conditions though) or dexterity – the fingers are pretty chunky anyway – but they are most comfortable with the insulation all round the hand. As it is dexterity isn’t bad for such warm gloves – I can operate pack buckles but not use small camera controls. The thickness makes these gloves for sub zero conditions. Designed for Alpine climbing – there are padded knuckles and back of hand protectors – they are tough too with excellent reinforcements that roll over the finger tips. I’m not sure the two chambers are always needed but otherwise these are good waterproof and warm winter mountain gloves. The cost and weight are high though.