The design of the Kody Mids is unusual, with the rear half looking like a conventional lightweight leather boot with lacing hooks and a soft cuff but the front half looking quite different with old fashioned lacing eyelets and a seam round the toe (a style found on many boots from German companies). The boots are made from multi-piece suede leather with many seams plus a fabric tongue. The eyelets are just as effective as tunnels or D-rings but the toe is softer than on boots with a solid toe cap. There is a small toe bumper but this can be compressed. These aren’t boots for kicking rocks.

The fit is on the slim side and the hiking boots are slightly too narrow at the forefoot for me. The volume is low too, and the heel snug. The Gore-Tex lining makes them quite warm though they’re not as padded inside as some of the boots tested.

The Vibram sole unit has yet another tread pattern (every Vibram sole in this review is different). This grips okay but the lugs, which are in a variety of shapes, are close together and can clog easily with soil and mud. Cushioning is quite good though the heel strike is harder than I would like. The boots are built on a curved last so have a rocker shape for easy walking. They flex easily at the forefoot and are softer side-to-side than many boots. The weight is reasonable and the price quite low for leather boots.