I found these neatly adjustable Lomo TR-Pro Running Z poles to be far more versatile than even Lomo intend them to be. Lomo advertise them as a running poles, and they are certainly light and packable enough to do this job very capably.

Lucy Wallace’s verdict

I found these neatly adjustable Z poles to be far more versatile than even Lomo intend them to be
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Includes snow bastket
  • Affordable
  • Not recommended for heavily loaded hill walking
Quick specs
Price: £64.99/pair
Weight: 196g each
Materials: Carbon fibre, aluminium, EVA foam grip
Features: Flick lock adjustment, foam handle, webbing strap, trekking basket, snow basket and hard ground tips
Size: 35-135cm
Men’s version: Unisex
URL: https://www.lomo.co.uk/

However, the Lomo TR-Pro Running poles aren’t the lightest running pole out there, thanks to an aluminium mid-section and sturdy design that adds weight, but this means that they are durable enough to be of interest to light weight hill walkers too. Lomo say that these poles are not suitable for backpacking or heavy hillwalking, which is fair enough, a carbon fibre pole will always be more vulnerable to damage if leant on forcefully.

Undeterred, I decided to put them through their paces anyway, and used them on several multi day expeditions, and took them walking in winter with a pack full of winter gear. Perhaps I was lucky, but I had no problems, and they show little sign of wear after a season of heavy use.    I did take them out running too; the tungsten tip grips well on rock and loose gravel, and the ergonomic foam grip feels good even in sweaty palms.

The four sections fold down into three 35cm lengths (two sections slide together telescopically), small enough to fit into my 18-litre running sack. The maximum length of 135cm is fine for me, but taller users will find it limiting and probably too short on descents (I’m 172cm tall). I like that Lomo supply a range of tips and baskets, including a snow basket (which is what tempted me out in winter with them in the first place). The impressively low-price tops everything off nicely and makes them an attractive set of poles.