Another light leather boot with traditional looks, the Gottardo has more seams than some of the other leather boots but still seem pretty tough. While the uppers are leather the tongue is fabric, which helps keep the weight down. The volume is quite low and the hiking boots are slightly too narrow for me at the forefoot while fi tting snugly round the ankle. Lacing is by four sets of tunnels, a locking hook and two upper hooks. The locking hook enables the  boot to be pulled in firmly round the instep. The uppers also have a hard toe bumper and a fi rm heel cup. Mer-Tex is Lomer’s own waterproof/ breathable membrane. Combined with the padding in the main body of the boots this makes the Gottardos quite warm, like other membrane boots. The sole unit is low-profile with less cushioning than would appear from the thick wedge between upper and sole. The Vibram outer sole has a pattern of small studs that grip okay. The sole has a rounded heel and a slight rocker shape for easy walking. The forefoot fl ex is reasonably soft, though not as much as some other boots, and the boots are fairly stiff side-to-side. The weight is low and the price good for leather boots.