By far the lightest gloves in the test – the next lightest weigh over three times as much – these thin gloves are good as liners under thicker ones and for carrying when you don’t think you’ll need gloves but want a pair just in case. They’re semi-windproof in that the back is made from Windstopper but the front is made from a close mesh that has no wind resistance at all. This mesh is covered with silicone strips to aid grip and give a little protection against abrasion. These are not gloves to use regularly with ice axes or trekking poles if you want them to last though. The medium size sent for test just fits me. The close fit plus the thinness means dexterity is excellent, the best of any glove tested. There’s a tiny key pocket on the back of the right glove. At least that’s what it’s called. I couldn’t get a key inside.