The latest version of the X Lite 45+10 is a slim, alpine-style pack. It has the smallest capacity of the packs tested, just fi tting into this category, and so is best used with compact gear and lighter loads. The hipbelt is thinner and softer than others – fi ne with 10kg but I wouldn’t want to carry 18kg. I think that’s fi ne on a pack this size, though. The back is adjustable but there’s only one size. Rather than a pouch, the X Lite has a large bellows front pocket, which gives more protection to gear but doesn’t allow wet items to drain or dry. There’s a lower compartment, which I think unnecessary in a pack this size, with a watertight zip that curves round the base rather than across the top, which is unusual but has no real advantages I can see. The textured fabric feels pretty tough so it should last. The weight is low and the price reasonable, making this a good buy if it fi ts and is roomy enough and you like the climbing rather than backpacking style.