These boots are excellent value for money. They’re light too, yet perform as well as many heavier hiking boots. The many mesh panels means the uppers are quite soft, feeling more like a trail shoe than a boot. Having a large amount of panels also means there are lots of seams, including at vulnerable points, so abrasion could be a problem over time. One of the seams runs across the toes, with a stiff toe bumper inside the suede in front of it. There’s also a solid heel counter.

The open mesh and the very breathable eVent membrane means these are cooler than most of the membrane-lined boots. However the membrane isn’t as protected as in boots with leather or close-weave fabric uppers and so may not last as long. The boots have quite a pointed toe but are wider at the forefoot than they look as they fit me fine with midweight socks. The sole grips well, though the heel does clog up on muddy terrain. The cushioning is better than in many more expensive boots. The sole is quite flexible both at the forefoot and from side-to-side.