The Sierra is a superbly comfortable wool jacket

The fabric is merino wool wrapped round a nylon core. It’s smooth on the outside, brushed on the inside and feels soft against the skin. The fabric does stretch a little but the fit is reasonably loose rather than close-fitting, which is good for those who don’t like tight garments even if they are stretchy.

It’s longer than many mid layers and so unlikely to ride up and leave a gap with your trousers. The handwarmer pockets are comfy but cut off by a rucksack hipbelt. The chest pocket is fine for compass or phone or similar. The fabric is very breathable and reasonably fast drying. It’s not wind resistant of course.

The collar is lined so it stands up and keeps the neck warm. This is an alternative to a standard 200-weight fleece jacket and it’s a good one. I like it very much. The cost is high though.

Reviewed in November 2015 issue