A well built and simple torch

The Black Diamond Storm is very well built, and very simple to use, almost the same as the Alpkit Viper in fact. It’s starts on 75 percent beam, then 100 percent, and lower, the difference is you need to hold the button down. I marginally prefer Alpkit’s press button system. Once it is turn on, a tap on touch-sensitive casing also toggles between a high and low beam. There’s also a red beam.

Another big bonus is that it is waterproof (IPX7 – which means to a standard of 30 minutes at one metre). The battery compartment is accessed by unscrewing the back (using the plastic bit on the strap) and feels very positive.

However, I’ve been using the Black Diamond ReVolt headtorch that is almost identical, but you can charge the three NiMH AAA batteries through a USB, and replace the batteries if needed. It’s more expensive however. It’s simple, well built and easy to use.


First published: Oct 2014