As part of our review of warm-weather hiking hats, Lucy Wallace reviews this wide-brimmed hat from Fjällräven. 

Sometimes, the sun means business, and only a hat that provides full coverage of the face and neck will do. Enter the Fjällräven Summer Abisko Hat.

It’s expensive, but it is also incredibly durable and should last for years, so it’s good value (provided you don’t lose it!). The hat is fashioned from Fjällräven’s proprietary G-1000 Lite, which is a tough polycotton that can be waxed to add water resistance. The hat has a really stiff, 7cm wide brim, providing excellent shade over the face and neck. There are poppers that allow the sides to be folded up and streamlined a little if necessary, with hints of cowboy hat in the shape.

A long, adjustable chin-strap can be tightened for a secure fit, left to dangle, or tucked away, according to taste. Because it has such a wide brim, this isn’t really a hat for very windy days, but it comes into its own on river trips, wildlife watching, walking in hot weather, and any other relatively sedate outdoor activities. Being pale-skinned and a bit rubbish in the sun, it would definitely be my hat of choice for travel in the lower latitudes.

It comes in four sizes, allowing for a precise fit I tested the Medium, which was a little snug for me. There’s not much give in the shape, so it’s worth measuring your head and double-checking the size if ordering online.

RECOMMENDED: This product has been awarded our ‘Recommended’ endorsement, meaning our reviewer believes it is a strong product which works well for its intended purpose.

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